by Devin Yang
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Published - 1 year ago ( Updated - 1 year ago )

Livewire is a full-stack framework for the Laravel framework.
It was the first time I wrote code, and he was probably the one who was able to write and marvel at the magic.
My colleague also marveled while writing after being pushed by me.
When I first learned Vue, I was not so surprised by him.

This article introduces how fun Livewire is through the simple operation I recorded.
Imagine that components can be reused, the back-end PHP content changes, the front-end screen does not need to be completely reloaded,
PHP variables can be directly bound to the front-end screen,

There are many more The powerful functions are not introduced in this film, so I leave it to everyone to study by themselves.

Here, I share how to upload files with Livewire through this short video. This is not a teaching video, but I believe that everyone can Google the relevant instructions for the code in the video.
Actually, there are not many things, because it is really too simple:p




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Devin Yang

Feel free to ask me, if you don't get it.:)

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