by Devin Yang
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Published - 5 years ago ( Updated - 5 years ago )

Whoops is a nice little library that helps you better develop and maintain your projects, helping you handle errors and exceptions in a less painful way.
, it was preloaded in Laravel 4, but it was removed in Laravel 5.0, and now 5.5 is back....

Some features of Whoops include:

- Flexible, stack-based error handling
- No dependencies are required to use the current stand-alone library
- Simple API for handling exceptions, tracking frames and their data
-Include a stunning error page within your web application
- Includes the ability to open referenced files directly in editors and IDEs
- Includes handlers for different response formats (JSON, XML, SOAP)
-Easy to extend and integrate with existing libraries
- Clean, well-structured and proven codebase


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Devin Yang

Feel free to ask me, if you don't get it.:)

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