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Run OpenSpeedTest with phpenv

About the operation of --env in Laravel's artisan

This article uses Laravel 9.40.1 for operation. I believe many people know...more

Use HAProxy to remove the /mail path of the Sysnolgy Mail Station

This article explains the version of DSM7. The Package Center of Synology...more

HAProxy and fastapi

HAProxy can use the definition of acl to determine which backend the request should direct to. This ...more

How do I create a fastapi runtime environment with phpenv

phpenv php laravel runs HAProxy, and automatically applies for and updates...more

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Laravel livewire file upload demo

Livewire is a full-stack framework for the Laravel framework. It was the first time I wrote code, and he was probably the one who was able to write and marvel at the magic. My colleague also marveled while writing after being pushed by me. When I first learned Vue, I was not so surprised by him.

The use of iptabels is required in the Docker Swarm environment

First of all, in the Linux environment, Docker uses iptables rules to provide network isolation. However, in the environment of Docker swarm mode, we cannot identify the connection port under of the host. At this time, we can customize the rules through the DOCKER-USER chain in iptables.

phpenv database environment

This article describes how to pull out the database service of phpenv to an independent environment. PHPENV can define database services in SERVICE through environment variables. If necessary in the development environment, we can easily restart all services, nginx, fpm and db through commands such as ./start and ./restart. But if it is in online mode, I don't want to restart the website, even the entire DB is restarted. For example, when the php version is updated, the DB does not need to be restarted.