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Published - 5 years ago ( Updated - 5 years ago )

This article is the application teaching of D-Laravel, how to directly execute php artisan in the container on the host side.
After customizing the alias, it can be directly in the project folder on the host side,
Directly execute the php artisan in the contianer. alias a="../../"
So, for example, there is a blog Project in the sites folder
cd sites/blog
We can execute php artisan directly with alias a
a make:controller MyBlogController
a --version

Alias ​​a is equal to php artisan.

We can change another name, not necessarily called a.
Please remember to update to the latest version of D-Laravel, or directly download the bash of to the D-Laravel folder.

Both old and new versions of D-Laravel can be used, after downloading to the D-Laravel directory, you can.
Then, create your favorite alias.

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Devin Yang

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