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I think if you want to write some automation functions, it may be useful to be able to format the output container content.
The following are some reference examples of Docker container formatting and display commands

docker ps --format "{{.ID}}\t{{.Names} }"
#For example, the name and command to execute
docker ps --format "table {{.Names}}: {{.Command}}" --no-trunc
#If there is a table, it will contain the field name
docker ps --filter volume=/data --format "table {{.ID}}\t{{.Mounts}}" --no-trunc
#If Docker swarm mode can also be used
docker service ls --format "table {{.Name}}\t{{.Ports}}"


Format option (--format ) to pretty print container output using Go templates.
The valid placeholders for Go templates are listed below:

placeholderdescription< /th>
.IDContainer ID
. ImageImage ID
.CommandQuoted command
.CreatedAtTime when the container was created.
.RunningFor from the container Elapsed time since startup. (Elapsed time since the container was started.)
.PortsExposed ports.
.StateContainer state. Container status (for example; “created”, “running”, “exited”).
.StatusContainer status, including information about duration and Details of the health status. Container status with details about duration and health-status.
.SizeContainer disk size. Container disk size.
.NamesContainer name. Container names.
.LabelsAll labels assigned to the container. All labels assigned to the container.
.LabelThe value of a specific label for this container. For example '{{.Label "com.docker.swarm.cpu"}}'.
Value of a specific label for this container. For example '{{.Label "com.docker.swarm.cpu"}}'
.MountsThe name of the volume mounted in this container. Names of the volumes mounted in this container.
.NetworksThe names of the networks attached to this container. Names of the networks attached to this container.

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