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This article explains about the .env settings on D-Laravel
DOCKER_SERVICES='docker-compose.yml service/redis.yml'

Under the directory of D-Laravel, there is a hidden file of .env.example.
We can change the name to .env through cp .env.example .env, and the bash of ./console or ./create will detect the function settings in .env.

The following describes these settings:
If we want the mysql we use in Dlaravel to have a set password, we can make this change.
At the same time, the MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD annotation in docker-compose.yml should be removed.
When the parameters here are present,
1. When we enter ./console mysql , bash will add the -p parameter, so a screen asking for a password will pop up.
2. Since the root of mysql has already set a password, the setting here also allows us to build the database required by the Project when ./create project is used normally.
3. When starting for the first time, docker-compose.yml can also refer to the settings here to create a root password.
If the mysql on D-Laravel does not set the root password, you don’t need this setting, just delete the whole line.

2. LARAVEL_INSTALLER='container'
When .env has this setting, ./create [Project] allows the bash of ./create to understand that we need to use the laravel installer command in the container or on the host side to install the Laravel Project.
LARAVEL_INSTALLER='host' (Your system needs to have php, composer and laravel installer installed)

3. DOCKER_SERVICES='docker-compose.yml service/redis.yml'
Multiple docker-compose structure language configuration files can be loaded through this setting.

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