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Published - 6 years ago ( Updated - 6 years ago )

D-Laravel is an extremely easy-to-use and extremely flexible Laravel development environment. As long as you are a Mac user, even if you don’t know Docker, you can use it to create Laravel projects and develop them. Due to the newly added .env function When it comes to functions, those who are in a hurry push, but there is no complete test. I admit that I have created a bunch of new bugs? So, this time, I added a new dlaravel_test, so that the bash test tool can be tested through docker in docker. Run the test.
Make sure that every release of D-Laravel can be a stable version. Through the two-minute video, see how dlaravel_test tests d-laravel.

D-Laravel website:

D-Laravel Docker in Docker Test Repo:
Let's see directly, how can I use DIND to test D-Laravel?

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Devin Yang

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