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It's really great that let's encrypt provides free certificates. However, is it a bit troublesome to update the certificate every three months?
This article introduces how to use getssl to generate SAN certificate settings for multiple domain names, and put them into a schedule for automatic certificate renewal.
It's very simple, just six steps to get it done.

Note: In the following process, I use non-root permissions to set, if you need to use root to restart your nginx host,
Please adjust the user you installed, or the restart command of the web server.


1. Download gessl through git and save it as scripts.
git clone scripts

2. For the first use, execute the following command
cd scripts
./getssl -c

Please replace the above name with your own domain name .
It will create a .getssl folder and a directory in your home directory
creating main config file /home/devin_yang/.getssl/getssl.cfg
Making domain directory - /home/devin_yang/.getssl/
creating domain config file in /home/devin_yang/.getssl/

3. Use vim to edit the settings, and simply copy the path displayed in the second step.
vim /home/devin_yang/.getssl/

4. The following getssl.cfg settings are for reference only, please adjust according to your actual host directory and certificate folder.
# additional domain names

#Set the ACME path, because I installed it in the dlaravel environment, and ccc is my project directory.
#Remember to create this directory under public.well-known/acme-challenge

# Set the credential path
#D-Laravel's nginx overload instruction
RELOAD_CMD="bash -c 'cd /home/devin_yang/dlaravel; ./console reload'"

#Set host type
Regarding RELOAD_CMD , if you are not using D-Laravel (docker-compose environment),
For example: nginx, the reload method in nginx should be nginx -s reload , or in the old version of CentOS or RedHat Apache, you should be able to use service httpd graceful .
I will not explain the relevant settings and instructions of the host part. In this article, I assume that the reader has already set the certificate of let's encrypt on the host, and only needs to complete the automatic update function.

5. Manually update the credentials and restart the nginx host
cd ~/scripts

6. Use crontab to put in the scheduled check every time and update it automatically
15 5 * * * /home/devin_yang/scripts/getssl -u -a -q

Supplement: If it is necessary to force the renewal of the certificate, we can use the -f parameter, for example, my SAN has added a new domain name
getssl -f

For the certificate setting method on nginx , you can refer to my article:
How to configure HTTPS on nginx to get an SSL A+ score from Qualys

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Devin Yang

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