by Devin Yang
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Published - 3 years ago ( Updated - 3 years ago )

This is my first Android phone. It’s no problem to try to install Laravel. Basically, I installed vim and mariadb.
After executing sshd, you can log in through 8022, it is completely a mobile computer: p.

The software I use is Termux.
Just start the non-root sshd
pkg upgrade
pkg install openssh

#Start non-root openssh server

# Hit id to see the user name
uid=10344(u0_a344) gid=10344(u0_a344) groups=10344(u0_a344),3003(inet),9997(everybody),20344(u0_a344_cache),50344(all_a344)

# Check the ip of the mobile phone

#Paste my Mac's Openssh public key directly on the phone, and I can log in with MacOS.
cd .ssh
echo my openssh keys > authorized_keys

Then, execute the following command on my Mac, and log in easily, because my mobile phone and Mac are connected to a Wifi.
ssh u0_a344@ -p 8022
The above test is ok, you can add it to your own OpenSSH settings, ~/.ssh/config (on your own MacOS or Linux host)
Host phone
User u0_a344
port 8022
On your own Mac, you can easily use ssh phone to log in to your android phone.
ssh phone
If you are not familiar with Linux, you can refer to the relevant instructions.

The following is the picture of my actual installation of Laravel 8. I won’t say more about the installation of php and composer.
As far as the linux kit installation instructions and composer installation are concerned, it is not difficult to specify the composer path and not set it wrong.