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Published - 5 years ago ( Updated - 5 years ago )

On my Synolog Nas, a strange logging driver called db was run by default.
How to modify it to a normal json-file?

In Synolog's Nas, his Daemon config file is special, and it is placed in the /var/packages/Docker/etc/ directory.
Called dockerd.json.

1. Enter the editor
vi /var/packages/Docker/etc/dockerd.json
Add "log-driver": "json-file"

2. Restart Docker Daemon
synoservice --restart pkgctl-Docker

3. View the default Logging driver settings
docker info|grep Logging

Fourth, the actual test function
docker-comose logs -f

I can see it normally, there is something...

Supplement: I often use commands on synology
For example, to list all the service names on the Synology NAS.
synoservice --list
To find Docker, you can query in uppercase
synoservice --list|grep Docker

If you want to overload nginx settings, you can use
synoservice --reload nginx

Use help to view related settings
synoservice --help

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Devin Yang

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