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Published - 6 years ago ( Updated - 6 years ago )

This video introduces how to use the docker-compose command to specify multiple YAML structure language configuration files to create container execution, and introduces how we simplify docker-compose by using .env in the D-Laravel environment Start command.

D-Laravel users must watch the video, docker users, in this video, you can learn how to specify multiple yaml files at the same time by command.

Please update to the latest D-Laravel v1.2.13 to ensure that all functions can be executed normally,
Query the available version of D-Laravel./console version
If your D-Laravel project is already in operation, it is recommended to clone another version to try it out first.
In order to avoid site efect affecting the original normal operation of the project.
git clone dlaravel-test

For a detailed introduction to D-Laravel, please refer to my GitHub URL:

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Devin Yang

Feel free to ask me, if you don't get it.:)

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