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Published - 5 years ago ( Updated - 5 years ago )

Is there anyone who uses OAuth for website user login like me? There is a "test user" on the Facebook developer page.
It can be used to test whether the function of Facebook is normal,
Because when the website moved to GCE, for some reason, I actually posted one more in the $fillable array of Laravel's User model~,
Normally the program works fine, but when a new user logs in, an error is shown to you.
I keep hearing people say that I can't log in to this website to leave a message. I want to say that I am very normal. @@
After using the test user test today, ha, I found that the login function on my website has been broken for a long time.

Anyway, the worm -like symbol has been removed "~", he really is a worm>< .
protected $fillable = [
~'socialite','socialite_id',... abbreviated

In the application program, there is a role => test user, which can be used to create a test user, so that we can confirm whether there is a problem with the developed program.

Use the test user to test, as expected, my OAuth login function has been dead for a long time,
Tips, 3C Tech Center provides quite a lot of login methods,
After logging in, you can not only leave a message, but also add your favorite articles to your favorites.

You can search for the favorite articles in the drop-down list.


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Devin Yang

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